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vWii Nand Restorer v2

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Restore your vWii NAND backups from your Wii U.

How to use

  • Copy your nand backup to sd:/vwiinandrestorer/slccmpt.bin and place your keys.bin/otp.bin in the same folder
  • Copy the .elf to sd:/wiiu/apps
  • Run cfw (mocha or haxchi)

I recommend doing a slccmpt + otp backup with Wii U Nand dumper before using this tool.

Please make sure that the keys.bin/otp.bin are from the console where the NAND Backup is from or else decryption will fail!

Restore NAND

  • This will clear your SLCCMPT, extract the nand backup to your slccmpt and fix permissions


Additional Options:

Extract NAND

  • Extracts your NAND to sd:/vwiinandrestorer/extracted


  • This clears your SLCCMPT

Copy extracted NAND to SLCCMPT

  • Copies everything from sd:/vwiinandrestorer/extracted to your SLCCMPT
  • This can be useful if you have an already extracted NAND Backup that you want to restore

Fix modes

  • This fixes the modes of your SLCCMPT
  • Needed after copying file to the SLCCMPT

by GaryOderNichts.

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