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CaptureSight 0.5.0

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CaptureSight is a Nintendo Switch homebrew to view Pokemon Sword and Shield data while playing Sword and Shield. CaptureSight comes as both an overlay and an applet.


  • View Pokemon species, attacks, IVs, etc. for
    • Wild Pokemon
    • In-Trade Pokemon
    • Raid Pokemon
    • Party Pokemon
    • Box Pokemon
  • View all Active Dens
    • Current seed for Raid RNG
    • The number of advances until a Shiny Pokemon
    • Species of a den (has a bug with event Pokemon - see below)
    • Stars of a den
  • Find the raid seed that created a Pokemon
    • Join a trade or raid with a person who doesn't have custom firmware and use CaptureSight to get their raid seed
    • View upcoming IVs for any den or Pokemon raid seed
  • Since CaptureSight can show the next shiny frame, upcoming IVs, and seed that created a Pokemon, no external tools are needed for Raid RNG
    • With raid and trade views, anyone without custom firmware only needs to know someone with custom firmware to do Raid RNG
  • The Applet has translations for multiple langues based on the Switch language setting

How do I use CaptureSight?

To use the applet:

  • Download the latest CaptureSight release.
  • Unzip the archive to get CaptureSight.nro
  • Copy CaptureSight.nro to be inside the /switch directory on your switch's SD card
  • Start Pokemon Sword or Shield
  • Open the homebrew menu and launch CaptureSight

To use the overlay:

  • Setup WerWolv's Tesla
  • Download the latest CaptureSight-Overlay.zip
  • Unzip the archive to get CaptureSight.ovl
  • Copy CaptureSight.ovl to be inside the /switch/.overlays directory on your switch's SD card
  • Start Pokemon Sword or Shield
  • Press the key combo to open Tesla Menu (L + Dpad Down + R joystick as of this writing)
  • Open CaptureSight with Tesla



Thanks to the following for helping make this app:

  • Switchbrew for their research and libnx which makes it possible to create homebrew
  • ReSwitched for their research, Atmosphere and libstratosphere which is invaluable for switch homebrew
  • Kaphotics, SciresM, and all contributors of PKHeX which has great documentation for the all things Pokemons, Pokemon icons, and i18n resources
  • imneme for their cpp xoroshiro gist which is used in CaptureSight
  • nlohmann for their c++ JSON library
  • XorTroll for Plutonium
  • WerWolv for libtesla and EdiZon's isServiceRunning code
  • Flagbrew for PKSM which gave guidance for c++ Pokemon code organization
  • RichardPaulAstley for French translations
  • Leanny, Admiral Fish, wwwwwwzx, Kaphotics, and Vladcik for helping look into raid RNG
  • Leanny and Kaphotics for the PKHeX Raid Plugin, which CaptureSight borrows raid logic from
  • All Pokemon researchers and contributors

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5.0



  • Added
    • Applet: Animated "Calculating" message when calculating raid seed (thanks @ulucs!)
    • Applet: Shiny Pokemon sprites for Pokemon and Den screens (thanks @ulucs!)
    • Applet: Italian translations (thanks @Real96!)
    • Applet: Navigate to the previous screen by pressing "B" (previously navigated to the main screen)
    • Applet: Shiny and flawless IV filters for raid searches (you can now see multiple shiny advances!)
    • Overlay: Show all dens in overlay
  • Updated
    • Applet: Improve Pokemon summary screen design (inspired by Pokemon Home)
    • Applet: Show "Empty" for invalid and empty Pokemon instead of "Error"
    • Overlay: Update libtesla (fixes CaptureSight-Overlay working with latest Tesla)
    • Overlay: Finding Pokemon raid seeds has changed from pressing "A" on the Pokemon summary screen to pressing "Y" when hovering over a Pokemon in a Pokemon list
    • Both: Show 10K+ for advances over 9999 in the Den viewer
    • Both: Match den Ids with RaidFinder and PKHeX raid plugin
    • Both: Rename "Frame" to "Advance"


  • Added
    • Overlay: The game no longer freezes when calculating a Pokemon's raid seed (Thanks @ulucs!)
    • Overlay: Den species is shown for each den on the den view
    • Applet: Exit the app with the plus button (+) on the warning screen
    • Applet: "Event" is shown beside event dens on the den view
    • Show shiny raid type (square or star) in the den and raid searcher views
    • Event Pokemon are read from memory (Thanks @Leanny for the awesome Raid Plugin reference)
    • No need to update to see the latest events
    • Edited events should display properly
  • Updated
    • Applet: The den view no longer shows seeds
    • Seeds can still be found in the Raid Searcher view
    • Showing the seed on the den view had no value since CFW users can use the Raid Searcher to find spreads
    • Show "10K+" instead of "9999" when a shiny frame is higher than "9999"
    • Small code cleanliness changes
  • Fixed
    • Overlay: Pokemon egg cycles now display properly
    • A Pokemon with a shiny frame higher than "9999" doesn't show "0" anymore
    • Certain seeds that would fail to be calculated from a Pokemon will now be found (Thanks to SergeiLankoff#3699 on the /r/PokemonMaxRaids discord for collecting data to fix this)

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