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PSXGameEdit (PSXGE) 1.60

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  • Reorganize Memory Cards by deleting, saving and moving individual game saves.
  • Undelete accidentally deleted game saves.
  • Load and Save individual game saves.
  • Read and write memory cards using DexDrive, Caetla, & PlaySaver hardware!
  • Compare game saves to find patches and other .
  • Hex Edit game saves to find patches and change save data!
  • Convert game saves between formats (DexDrive, X-Plorer/X-Ploder, Action Replay + other cartridges, PlaySaver, Virtual Game Station, PSEmuPro, Bleem!... Everything you can get your hands on!).
  • Convert game saves between regions (Europe, USA, Japan). PSXGameEdit has been confirmed to successfully convert the following games.
  • Edit DexDrive game save comments.
  • Edit Game ID's and Product Codes.
  • Powerful Icon Editor lets you exchange icons, draw new ones, import and export as Windows icons (.ico).
  • Patch game saves for more lives, ammo etc.

Supported formats:

  • Reads and writes PlaySaver and PSEmuPro Memory Card saves and single game saves (.mc & .mcr)
  • Reads and writes DexDrive Memory Card saves (.gme)
  • Reads and writes Bleem! Memory Card saves (.mcd)
  • Reads and writes Virtual Game Station Memory Card saves (.vgs)
  • Reads and writes X-Plorer/X-Ploder, Cheat Machine, Game Shark, Action Replay, Cheat Factory etc. single game saves (.psx)

Required hardware:

To utilize the PSXGameEdit program fully, you must have some hardware to do the actual communication with the memory cards. Currently the program supports the following hardware:

  • PlaySaver PC-MemCard interface. Information on building the hardware is free and can be downloaded at members.aol.com/PlaySaver
  • DexDrive by InterAct, which is a commercial product. Further information can be found at www.interact-acc.com
  • X-Plorer/X-Ploder cartridge from FCD, info., ROM-upgrades and cheats can be found at www.x-plorer.co.uk
  • PSEmuPro, the PlayStation emulator project for Windows9x computers. See www.psemu.com for more info.
  • A Caetla-flashed cartridge like an Action Replay, Game Wizard, Game Enhancer, Golden Finger etc..
  • Bleem!, PlayStation emulator. Nice alternative to PSEmuPro. See www.bleem.com for info.
  • Other cartridges that reads and writes .psx files.

Please note that PSXGameEdit can read and write memory cards directly using the DexDrive, Caetla/EMS/Action Replay flashed cartridges & PlaySaver, but for other hardware, PSXGameEdit depends on the hardware to do the read/write operations between the PC and memory card.

If you don't have any of the above, I highly recommend building the PlaySaver which is very cool! The version that I have built looks like this, for building questions and schematics.

psxge160shot (1).gifpatchscr.gifhexeditshot.gif

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