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PSX RAW Converter 1.1

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"Psx Raw Converter" is a tool that convert between "raw PS1 save" and "single game save" (.mcs).
you must understand the difference between ".mcs" and ".mcr"

"Psx Raw Converter" requires:

  • -"LAUNCHELF" for the transfer of your raw saves.
  • -"PSXGE" to insert and extract your single game saves (.mcs).

sony psx -> epsxe, the steps:

  1. copy your ps1 saves from your ps2 using ulaunchelf+usb_thumbdrive to your "psx raw converter" folder on your pc.
  2. convert them to .mcs (by drag&drop) using "psx raw converter" now you should have something like (SCES-00780kain.mcs).
  3. open "psx game edit 1.60" and drag and drop your newly converted ".mcs" files to "psx game edit 1.60".
  4. now you should be able to see their icons after that you just have to save the memorycard to ".mc" and rename it to ".mcr" for epsxe.

epsxe -> sony psx, the steps:

  1. open "psx game edit 1.60" and drag and drop your .mcr file to "psx game edit 1.60".
  2. select a save by clicking on its radio button and save as a single game save (".mcs", the name's choice is trivial).
  3. convert your newly extracted ".mcs" files to raw saves (by drag&drop) using "psx raw converter" now you should have something like (SCES-00780kain).
  4. copy them to your ps1 memcard using ulaunchelf+usb_thumbdrive (writing directly to a ps1 memcard)

unfortunately some save's name may contains characters that are forbidden in windows environement.
the forbidden characters are these \/":*?<>|

epsxe -> sony psx, extra steps:
if your .mcs save contain such characters after converting it you should obtain 2 files:

  • the save file(less the forbidden characters) renamed ex: "BESLES...WARNING!(read the log file)".
  • a log.txt containing the real name and that you should read.
  • on ULaunchELF add the missing characters and delete the WARNING! stuff.

sony psx -> epsxe, extra steps:
and if it is your save on your real sony memcard that contains such character(on windows such saves are inaccessible)

  • back on ULaunchELF delete only the forbidden characters.
  • on windows you must add the extension (.thxwindows) ex: "BASLUS-01355.TOD2C.thxwindows"
  • on psxrc processing such file should bring out a special prompt window for the missing character's addition.

"psx raw convertor" requires cw3230mt.DLL, please ensure it is in the same folder as "PSXRC.exe"

by alkarl.

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