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SXOS Cheat DB 1.0.0

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This is a collection of cheat codes for use with Team Xecuter's SX OS CFW on Nintendo Switch.


Folders are to be extracted and placed on your Switch's SD Card in: /sxos/titles.

Having Problems?

Try the following:

  • Use the latest SXOS update
  • Ensure your games Title ID AND Build ID are the same as the cheat file (The cheats likely will NOT work if they are different)
  • Using a theme? remove it. Themes don't play well with cheats, EmuNAND, or homebrew.

Example: To use the current USA Dead Cell's cheats you will need version 1.0.2 of the game (Dead Cells [UPD][0100fc000aef0800][v131072].nsp) and these IDs:

  • Title ID: 0100FC000AEF0000
  • Base ID: 62f7f1e54f9353f8

If the ID's are correct and youre still having problems, try the following...

  • Load Game
  • Activate Cheats
  • Tap power button to put console into sleep mode
  • Tap power button again to wake the console back up
  • Press home & re-open the game


  • abadidea
  • AnalogMan
  • DaBlackDeath
  • dsrules
  • fadx
  • hellryu
  • KyoNando
  • Lennux
  • LordApplz
  • matt123337
  • mega-mew
  • MentalBlank
  • merlin555
  • optantic
  • phonz
  • Rabita
  • Retroboy
  • speedfly
  • Stoned
  • talixme
  • rhum1x56

by LordApple.

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