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Pokémon Chest 2.2

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Pokémon Chest is an app for the DS(i) that can store and edit Pokémon in the DS Pokémon games.

It’s current features include:

  • Loading save files from DSi SD, Flashcard SD, and retail cartridges
  • Storing up to 50 or 500 boxes of Pokémon per chest with support for multiple chests
  • Editing most Pokémon, trainer, and other save data
  • Editing items in the bag
  • Injecting pk4/pk5 files from SD
  • Dumping Pokémon to pk4/pk5 files
  • Translated to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean*, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
    • *(the Korean translation is not complete)


Main Developers

  • Epicpkmn11: GUI code, porting PKSM's save and bank management code


  • antoine62: French
  • Chips: Portuguese, some Spanish and French
  • cimo95: Indonesian
  • David Pires: Portuguese
  • edo9300: Italian
  • Epicpkmn11: English and Japanese
  • Extocine: Russian
  • lemonnade0: Lithuanian
  • NightYoshi370: French
  • VoltZ: German


  • devkitPro, WinterMute: devkitARM, libnds, and libfat.
  • edo9300: ndsi-savedumper's gamecard save dumping and injecting code
  • Flagbrew: PKSM's save and bank management code
  • RocketRobz: Adding flashcard and SD being used together and code from TWiLight Menu++
  • TotallyNotGuy: Finding & making graphics and the Pokémon Center generation 4 song
  • VoltZ: Idea to make a Pokémon Bank for the DS(i)


  • Pokémon Center (Gen 1), Elm's Lab, Oak's Lab, Game Corner, and Twinleaf Town.

by Pk11.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.2


What's new:

  • The config menu can now be accessed with SELECT on the top menu
  • Directories can now be added to the top menu as favorites
  • The Fateful Encounter status of a Pokémon can now be changed
  • In Generation 3 Mew must be a Fateful Encounter to obey
  • Updated the chest to use PKSM's latest bank version
  • A warning will now be shown before turning off if an exception is thrown

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed party Pokémon's stats not updating until moved to/from the PC
  • Fixed the kerning on some characters in the font
  • Fixed Korean being called 한국 instead of 한국어
  • Fixed TM/HM pocket being called Poké Balls
  • Fixed HMs not showing correctly in some Generation 3 games
  • (@remicalixte) Fixed shiny star not hiding after moving off a shiny Pokémon
  • Several bug fixes in PKSM-Core

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