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PS3 HEN Pro 3.4

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HEN PRO is a traditional Hen customization that natively includes some features of hentoolbox and hantoolbox, making it easier for ps3 users :). In conjunction with Dev @LuanTeles , HEN PRO has beautiful changes in appearance, making the experience much more enjoyable and multi-lingual. (not finished yet).


  • This project was inspired by and base the native Hen menu Thank you @diego18sn PSX
  • base created from the official han_suportfiles and hen_toolbox
  • A big thanks to the PS3Xploit Team.
  • many han_toolbox 0.7 features included
  • thanks, @habib @DeViL303 , @pink1 , @esc0rtd3w ,
  • @Berion , @ShaolinAssassin .
  • Thanks also @lmn7 for creating the file copier and
  • edit JS thus allowing it to be used to
  • enable HAN / HEN, debug and others without internet connection.
  • Thanks also to @Louay .


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