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FWPatch Season 2015/2016 (PES 4 PC) 1.0.0

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  • Updated teams for the best european teams and full BPL.
  • Updated 65 teams and some national teams.
  • Change the pitch of the stadiums, the game menus

How to install:

  1. Download PES 4 and install the game
  2. Put Lodmixer.exe in pes 4 main folder. Run the program Lodmixer and put the definitions of the lod 1 to 5 in 512x256 , high definition;
  3. Put the folder Kitserver into pes 4 main folder and Run kitserver and install it inside the pes 4 folder;
  4. Open "dat" folder and replace the original "0_text" and the "e_text" files for the ones that I sent in rar file.
  5. Use the option file "KONAMI_WIN32" to KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 4\save\folder1

And that's it!

Problems: If in the game the players are bold, you should put your lodmixer  in the highest definition: 512x256.

PES 4 - FWPatch 2015_16 1-12 screenshot.pngPES 4 - FWPatch 2015_16 3-39 screenshot.pngPES 4 - FWPatch 2015_16 0-47 screenshot.pngPES 4 - FWPatch 2015_16 0-41 screenshot.pngPES 4 - FWPatch 2015_16 0-1 screenshot.pngPES 4 - FWPatch 2015_16 0-13 screenshot.png

This patch was made in basis of argentina94 winning eleven patch. Credits goes for Agentina94 and Oliver.

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