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Xbox1 Backwards Compatibility v5832 for Devkits

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Xbox1 Backwards Compatibility v5832 for Devkits (hack/patch version 2019.12.09 EXPERIMENTAL 128MB version)


:: Overview

* The 128MB version remains experimental, the 64MB version is however fully tested and working * 
This is a devkit version of the retail xbox360 backwards compatibility that
was released April 2018. 

The crossgame chat feature has finally been tested and it appears does not work and causes crashes on Live enabled profiles, it thus has been removed.

This build fixes the compatibility issue that occurs with Xbox Live connectivity disabled titles titles on retail consoles.
This issue did not occur on XDK units.

The affected Title IDs are the following: 

[TitleId  UsesLive  EmulatorFilename  GameName]
4D570018  0  xefu7    "RoadKill"
4D57001D  0  xefu7    "MLB SlugFest: Loaded"
4D57001D  0  xefu7    "MLB SlugFest: Loaded"
504C0002  0  xefu7    "Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders"
504C0004  0  xefu7    "Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders"
504C0005  0  xefu7    "Kingdom Under Fire"
53450017  0  xefu7    "NHL 2K3"
53450033  0  xefu7    "ESPN College Hoops 2K5"

Incidently it also enables xbox live features for the above titles.

This release contains 3 versions, 
* One dubbed "Regular" inside the "Regular" folder which acts as the original emulator WITHOUT in-game menu support or cross/in game chat support, 

* One dubbed "HUD" inside the "HUD" folder which supports the Xbox 360 in-game menu and in-game/cross game voice chat (which are new features of this hacked version),
this version has been left in, in case you may want HUD support but are loading an incompatible resources (such as a plugin using too much memory).

*One dubbed "HUD_plugins" inside the "HUD_plugins" folder which supports the Xbox 360 in-game menu and in-game/cross game voice chat AND allows external resources.


If you are experiencing crashes using the "HUD_plugins" version, try disabling some Aurora plugins, alternatively you can use the xbox.xex_HUD front end (delete xbox.xex and rename xbox.xex_HUD to xbox.xex)
this will unload all external resources before loading those again when xefu gets loaded, this may likely fix any crashes/incompatibility you are experiencing while still allowing to use external resources on the emulator.

I originally did not plan on adding an ingame voice chat feature to this build as I do not endorse people using hacked console on Xbox Live, until someone pointed out how this could be used 
legitimately with Kai; I am not one to lock down users so I ended up adding support for this.

Choose the one you prefer and follow the steps below: 

To install this, copy the Compatibilty folder to your devkits Y drive.
You may want to remove any existing files, although this should overwrite
all files.

This version has been hacked to play unsupported games, however this doesn't
mean they will work. 

This was tested on XDK Development kits, it should however run fine on RGH/JTAG systems.

:: Hacks

As per the previous versions (direct quote from the previous readme):

    * Xbe signature checks removed (lets you run unsigned code)
    * Xbe section hash checks removed (lets u run hacked xbes)
    * Game region checks removed (region free baby!)
    * Game media checks removed (play games from your hard drive)
    * Debug/Devkit xbes supported (run your own xbox1 code)
    * Attempt to play unsupported games (doesn't mean it will work hehe)

New feature since this release: 

    * NEW * Added in-game HUD support * NEW * (this will let you access the Xbox 360 in-game menu while playing your OG Xbox title!)
    * NEW * External resources no longer get unloaded while running the XEFU emulator! This means features such as the Aurora/FSD HUD addons work within the emulator! * NEW *
    * NEW * Allows to use Xbox Live on titles initially flagged as Xbox Live disabled in the xbox.xex Front End. * NEW *
    * EXPERIMENTAL * The memory limitation has been lifted from 64MB to 128MB when usign the 128MB builds! * EXPERIMENTAL * (I have no idea if this actually works, please thouroughly test this)

Original 2007 version of this hack: xorloser
128MB xb1krnl patch: Yoshihiro
Updated 2018 version of this hack: Mathieulh

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