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PS2Eject 0.6

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A simple homebrew to eject the disc tray of a PS2.

Includes source code + compiled binaries.


by VTSTech.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.6



  • Swapped O for /\
  • Removed 1s delay on DriveState()


  • Added 'Press SEL for DriveState()'
  • Added SCECdStatRead and SCECdStatSeek detection to DriveState()
  • Removed sceCdTrayReq(2) & sceCdTrayReq(3)
  • More specific menu, Eject/Insert specified.
  • Now clears the screen instead of overwriting.


  • Can now select multiple commands
  • Sends sceCdTrayReq(0) and exits in 10s if no controller present/ready
  • Makefile improvements


  • Now waits for button press to exit
  • Otherwise exits in 10s if no controller present/ready

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