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HDLGameUpdater (HDLoader Game Updater) 0.801R

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The HDLoader Game Updater automatically updates the bootstrap program of all your HDLoader games (the program which makes these games bootable from the HDD OSD/browser update v2.00, aka Mini OPL or Diskload).

This software will not automatically make games which are not already bootable, bootable.

This current version is meant to be used for updating your games to have the same bootstrap program as the one installed by HDLGameInstaller v0.809.

How to setup this software:

  • Extract all files (do not delete any files, especially the DejaVu font!), and place all of them in the same place.
  • The only supported devices are the Memory Card, CD/DVD drive and USB mass storage device.


  •     This software may have been worked on mainly by me, but I had the support of other users:
  •         l_Oliveira, for providing a number of test reports and giving suggestions for its design.
  •         JNABK, since I'm still using the icons he provided me with for use in PS2ESDL.
  •         "Someone who wishes to remain anonymous"
  •         Jimmikaelkael, for open-ps2-loader (OPL). OPL is used for making the installed games bootable.
  •         All closed-beta testers!

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