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NES Online Game AutoInjector 3.5

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  • You need the NvnTexpkg.package
  • Extract NvnTexpkg.package into the same folder like NES-Online-Game-Autoinjector
  • You have to create two TGA images in 32bit, once witch a size of 400x300 and another in the size of 355x512 (use Photoshop or whatever you want)
  • Also, you need your "lclassics.titlesdb" file


  • Sort Title = "Sort of the game"
  • Publisher = "Publisher of the game"
  • Game Code = "unique 5 letters combination between AAAAA and ZZZZZ (like "ABCDE")
  • Copyright = "Copyright holder of the game"
  • Game Title = "Title of the Game"
  • Overscan = "only 1 number between 0 and 9 per box"
  • Simultanus ="true or false"
  • Fade In = "only 1 number between 0 and 9 per box"
  • Volume = "a number between 0 and 99"

Output folder: (NES-Online-Game-Autoinjector).path/NES_ONLINE_MOD

Update 2.0

  • Add ToolTip
  • Add Game code verification
  • Bug fixes
  • and more background stuff

Update 2.0.1

  • Bug fixes

Update 2.5.0

  • Add FAMICOM-Support (NES ONLINE JP Version)

Update 2.8.0

  • Add Details-Picture to EU/US Version
  • Add false/true radio-button
  • Add new Game Code outset
  • Textbox jump is fixed
  • Input methods revised for error minimization
  • More background checks for error minimization
  • Bug fixes

Update 2.8.1

  • Bug fixes

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.5


  • Add PNG / JPG Support (auto-convert PNG/JPG to TGA)
  • Bug fixes

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