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Hode for PS Vita 0.2.4

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hode is a reimplementation of the engine used by the game 'Heart of Darkness' developed by Amazing Studio.


The original datafiles from the Windows releases (Demo or CD) are required.

- hod.paf (hod_demo.paf)
- setup.dat
- *_hod.lvl
- *_hod.sss
- *_hod.mst


By default the engine will try to load the files from the current directory and start the game from the first level.

These defaults can be changed using command line switches :

    Usage: hode [OPTIONS]...
    --datapath=PATH   Path to data files (default '.')
    --level=NUM       Start at level NUM
    --checkpoint=NUM  Start at checkpoint NUM

Display and engine settings can be configured in the 'hode.ini' file.


What is working :
* Andy
* Cinematics (PAF)
* Hint screens
* Level screens
* Monsters logic (MST)
* Plasma Cannon
* Shooting collisions
* Sound playback (SSS)
* Special Powers

What is missing :
* Menus


All the team at Amazing Studio for possibly the best cinematic platformer ever developed.

by usineur.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.2.4



  • Import 0.2.4 changes


  • Fix "wonky" controls

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