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PSN Liberator 1.1

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Convert your PSN format games to ISO format (useful for viewing and mounting from a manager).

Features v1.0:

  • Converts your purchased PSN-content, like Games, PS1- PS2-Classics, DLCs, Minis, Themes and Avatars that normally needs activation.
  • As input you can either use PKG-Files or copied "/dev_hdd0/games/[GameID]"-folders
  • Optional integration of game-updates, unlock-PKGs/EDATs and DLCs
  • Converts PSN-games into disc-games (folder- or ISO- format)
  • Resigns all PSN-content to 3.55
  • Automatic and manual conversion of "*.rif" to "*.rap" files
  • Create a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc with the liberated PSN Contents.
  • Create a "PS2-Classics-Placeholder" rap-file



  • Updated PS3 PKG Ripper to 1.4.3 (as for problems solved in PS3 PKG Ripper)

by siboXD.

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