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CBS-Manager 3.1

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This tool can display an Image/Animation/Console Info during the PSVita boot process.

The boot logo that is displayed at the beginning can not be hidden with this plugin. Use enso_ex instead.

To update365 users:

If Enso 3.65-update365 is installed and boot_config.txt exists in vs0:tai/ CBS will not be loaded, please update Enso to the latest version.

Setting up CBS-M

  • Download and install the VPK, if you have an older version of CBS/CBS-M please remove/uninstall it first.
  • Open the newly installed app, it will install CBSM to enso's boot_config and taihen's config.txt.
  • Reboot
  • Go to Settings->Theme & Background, there should be a new entry: "Boot Screen". That's it!


  • Use PSP2-CBAnim to create a CBSM-compatible static image/animation file.
  • "Static image" should be a RGBA raw or gzipped image, put it in "ur0:tai/boot_splash.img"
  • "Animation" is a custom file format generated by CBANIM, put it in "ur0:tai/boot_animation.img"
  • "Console info" also supports a 960x128 animation, custom file format generated by CBANIM, put it in "ur0:tai/lboot_animation.img"


  • PrincessOfSleeping for the original CBS
  • Team Molecule for henkaku and enso.
  • Dots-Tb for the kernel blit

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.1


  • Removed the delay option
  • Now the PS logo should disappear when using the console info mode
  • Cleaned the code a bit

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