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Screen-NX 2.0

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Ypload screenshots directly from your Switch.


by HookedBehemoth.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0


  • Almost completely rewritten by @HookedBehemoth . Should look a lot less incompetent now!
  • Support for other websites through the use of site-specific configuration files
    • Configs must be placed in /switch/screen-nx/sites
    • Configs can be changed by pressing the X button in-app
    • Configs allow you to easily change the theme of the application, as well as the site to upload to
    • Examples can be found here. Feel free to submit a pull request with your own sites!
  • Video thumbnails
  • Image thumbnails --- This completely fixes #2
  • Slightly modified UI with visible controls
  • Probably a lot of bugs fixed

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