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PSP Tool 1.0.0

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PSP Tool is a multi-purpose application designed for the PlayStation Portable console to perform various general management functions with the console. Initially PSP Tool was designed just for extracting the IPL from the Memory Stick but has since expanded and incorporates many other diagnostics functions.

Feature Summary

PSP Tool allows you to do the following:

  • Backup and Restore the IdStorage of the PSP.
  • Check the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or a file located on the Memory Stick.
  • Check, Backup, Restore and change the battery EEPROM serial.
  • Connect Memory Stick, Flash 0, Flash 1, Flash 2, Flash 3 and UMD Disc through a USB cable.
  • Create a checksum of the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or an IPL located on the Memory Stick.
  • Create a variety of different Magic Memory Sticks.
  • Erase the entire IPL space of the Memory Stick.
  • Extract the IPL injected on the Memory Stick to a file.
  • Format the Memory Stick.
  • Inject a variety of included IPLs or an IPL from a file to the Memory Stick.

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