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IPTV Tools 1.1

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Currently the site includes three important tools: 

  • A tool to check the IPTV links and make sure they are running
  • A tool to convert m3u playlist files to other types
  • A tool to playback IPTV links

The link checker tool provides : 

  • Retrieve all link information if it is working
  • You can see a screenshot if the link is working
  • The possibility of downloading the working or non-working links that have been checked in the form of a playlist file
  • Extract the playlist file for all channels of the working link
  • The possibility to drag and drop files within a text box to enter links

The m3u playlist converter allows you to : 

  • The possibility of downloading the m3u playlist file from the Internet or from the computer
  • Conversion to the following types : 
  • GigaBlue , Enigma 2 OE 1.6 , DreamBox OE 2.0 , Simple List , Octagon , Ariva 
  • StarLive v3 , MediaStar / StarLive v4 , StarLive v5 , WebTV List , Spark 
  • Geant/Starsat/Tiger,Zorro
  • The possibility of downloading the file resulting from the conversion
  • The possibility to drag and drop files within the text box of the m3u input file

The IPTV player allows you to : 

  • Watch live broadcasts of IPTV links

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