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IPTV Plug-in Bundle for Plex 2.1.9

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A simple Plex Media Servers plug-in that reads live streams (like IPTV) urls from a m3u file and passes 'em to Plex in format understandable to Plex so it could try to play them.

In short, as title states, it lets You watch IPTV in Plex.

It also has a basic program guide, categories, custom logos and other goodies, please read the wiki for information on how to set all up.

Important note: Playback is handled by Plex itself, not the plug-in, and many streams are not playable by many Plex players, please read the wiki for more information and possible solutions if Your desired stream does not work.

Credits and contacts

  • Author: Valdas Vaitiekaitis, also known as Cigaras;
  • Icons made using Font Awesome by Dave Gandy, licensed under SIL OFL 1.1;
  • Artwork by photographer D. Sharon Pruitt, owner of Purple Sherbet Photography, licensed under CC BY 2.0;
  • Locale patch by Korney Czukowski, licensed under MIT;
  • Contributors: listed on GiHub;
  • Advisers: Shopgirl284, Mikedm139, Sander1.

If You have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via GitHub or Plex forum, or visit my personal blog at valdasv.blogspot.lt, but please keep in mind that I did this plug-in voluntary in my spare time and I have other priorities to do so do not expect a quick response. However if You find my work useful, please consider making a small donation as a sign of gratitude and support. Also accepting bitcoins.

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