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VitaFighters 0.8

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Homebrew game for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.
Vita Fighters now includes 6 selectable characters some drawn from manga or animated games, such as Street Fighter Ryu and Kyo Kusanagi of King of Fighters.
This new version introduces the Arcade mode, updates the 3D models and facilitates the execution of the combos, the developer has also fixed some bugs.

Selectable characters:

  • Ryu (Street Fighter).
  • KFM (Kung Fu Man, from U.G.E.N.).
  • Gon (Gon Freecss, from Soul Hunter × Hunter).
  • DIO (Dio Brando, from 'The bizarre adventures of JoJo').
  • Kyo (Kyo Kusanagi, king of the fighters).
  • Kakashi (Kakashi Hatake, anime Naruto).

by AngryDevs.



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