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Stats Converter Football Manager to PES 2019 1.0.0

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I've decided to create an FM to PES converter to make the stats of the players more realistic, and that there isn't so much difference between players and teams.

It's an automatic process, so if there is a mismatch it is because of the valuation in the FM2018. Don't look too much at the global average, for example the fullbacks seem very overrated but according to their stats they aren't.

It's an Excel file with Macros, and I have only been able to test it with Excel 2016. You have to enable the macros to work.

Its use is very easy:

  • "Look for a team" button: Search and choose a team, press print the players and pick the path where you want them. If a file goes blank, reprint the player in the list (Microsoft's fault).
  • "Look for a player" button: Search, choose the player, press print and pick the path where you want it. If a file goes blank, reprint the player in the list (Microsoft's fault).
  • "PayPal Donate" button: All donations will be well received.

Other options:

  • "Import .csv from FMRTE" button: It has several leagues preloaded with their players, but you can import more players what are not. If I post a folder with more players to import, go to point 3.
    1. First you have to start a game in Football Manager 2018, better in 1st date (no player stats changed).
    2. Open the FMRTE (the free version works), load the game, search the players in the search engine, select all and export them in .csv.
    3. Then press the "Import .csv from FMRTE" button in the tool and choose the folder where you saved the exported files (It takes approximately 10 minutes for every 500 players).
    4. If the name of the file contains a special character, a message will appear to change it, otherwise the function does not recognize it.
  • "Transfer update" button: Choose the ".csv" file with the transfers what I will provide you, and all the players in the tool will be updated in their appropriate team.

The program is automatically saved when you close it, so if you have loaded new players, you can print them even if you close the Excel.

by Wyffy.

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