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EvoPatch (PES 2020 PC Demo) 2.0

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This patch includes the most important mods created on EvoWeb, the patch doesn't use the sider but it use the game data files and the patch is 100% online compatible.

The tutorial about how to install it is included in README.txt


  • Turf Mod v.1 by @Chuny (Twitter: @Chuny_OK)
  • High Quality Team Logos v.1 by @Alexbeckhs
  • Tight Kit by @Makidan14 
  • Goal Songs and Anthems by @mauri_d 
  • Chants by @predator002 
  • Small Detail Mod (from Pes 2019 Demo) by @Hawke 


  • @Chuny (Twitter: @Chuny_OK)
  • @Alexbeckhs
  • @Makidan14 
  • @mauri_d
  • @predator002
  • @Hawke

by Ando12345.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0   See changelog


  • Switcher between offline and online mode by MFZ69
  • Added v2 english announcement by predator002
  • New stadiums by eFootball Netherland, lohan258 and Jostike Games
  • Added compatibility with EvoSwitcher

Note for V2: You need all the parts of the patch, from .001 to 007.

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