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psp2pm 1.0.0

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Internal Producting Mode (i_manufacturing_mode) enabler/disabler for PSP2 Dolce (PSTV) and Vita (PSVITA)


Messing with the device at such low level may result in a unrecoverable brick, DO NOT USE IT unless you know what the target mode does.


This tool should be compatible with firmwares 3.60, 3.65 - 3.71. It has been tested on firmwares 3.65 and 3.70.
This tool sets the internal producting mode bit on the console's secure memory by using a crypto coprocessor exploit. It can also disable "manufacturing_mode" on any console.


To set External Producting Mode (e_manufacturing_mode) use the patch_pm_jig payload instead.


Team Molecule for their crypto processor exploit and spoonfeeding help on discord.
Mathieulh and Zecoxao for their useful ideas.

by SKGleba.

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