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Infinix Package Installer Payload 1.0.0

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  • Everything included along with PS4HEN 2.1
  • Everything included along with Latest PS4FTP Plus all the changes iv added to PS4FTP for the Package Installer
  • First ever Payload Plugin, and to hold all dynamic relocations a.k.a the NIDs i need


  • Change your DNS to AlAzif ( or your Hoster of choice
  • Download either the Installer Tool for Windows or Android
  • Launch the Inifnix payload, Put in your IP in the tool... then click "Install Payload Plugin"
  • re-launch the Inifix Payload and install any Fake Signed Package you want (remember this enables HEN)
  • Profit?????


  • Flatz for being Flatz
  • Xerpi for PS4FTP
  • xvortex for Edited PS4FTP
  • SISTR0 For HEN 2.1
  • And everyone else involved with PS4FTP and HEN 2.1 (would be a very long List)

by LightningMods.






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