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Ultimate Wii U Hack Script 1.74

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This is a set of batch scripts that automate many things.


Wiivc Injector Script

  • Injection of Wii games, Gamecube, Wii homebrews and Wiivc Chan Booter thanks to a modified version of Wiivc Injector Script 2.2.6.
  • Backup, restore and reset various parameters.
  • Create a blacklist to prevent an injection from having the same Title ID.


  • Injection of games NES, SNES, GBA, N64 and NDS thanks to a modified version of Injectiine.
  • Backup, restore and reset various parameters.
  • Create a blacklist to prevent an injection from having the same Title ID.

Other features

  • Installation of required elements while using scripts (Java 8).
  • Set up the necessary files for the basic Wii U hack, the v-wii hack, the Haxchi installation or the CBHC installation. For more information, see this page of the documentation.
  • Creation of a web server to host the browser exploit locally for system versions 5.5.0, 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 of the Wii U.
  • Unbrick the V-wii part, see this page of the documentation for more information.
  • Block or allow the console firmware update by deleting / restoring the correct folder via Wup_server, see this page for more information on the changed folder.

Known bugs:

  • The injection of a game via Wiivc Injector Script will crash or give a game that does not work if it is run from a medium formatted in FAT, FAT16 or FAT32. This problem can not be corrected because a temporary file is obligatorily more than 4 GB during the injection and therefore poses a problem on media formatted in FAT, FAT16 or FAT32.
  • Using quotation marks or exclamation points in user input causes the script to crash.
  • When a console output made by an "echo" is performed, this produces an error in the log file. The UTF-8 encoding seems to be the cause of this problem but I have not found how to solve it for now.
  • In Wiivc Injector Script, if the Wii game is splited (except for "wbfs" files) and its path or name contains an accent or any other symbols refused by Wit, the script will not work, even with the attempted fix. errors.
  • For now, the script for extracting the MLC dump from Wii U nand does not allow extraction to a folder in a path with spaces and is forced to manipulate files that should not not be necessary but Wfs-extract does not seem to want paths with spaces, I'm looking for a solution.


There is really too much to thank for all the projects included in this script but I thank each contributor of these projects because without them this script could not even exist (some are credit in the documentation). I also thank all those who help me to test the scripts and those who suggest me new features.

by shadow2560.

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