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Diablo NX (Switch port of DevilutionX) 0.93 beta

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Diablo-NX - A port of Devilution to the Nintendo Switch

How To Play:

  • Extract contents of diablo-nx.zip release into SDMC:\switch\diablo-nx
  • Copy DIABDAT.MPQ from original Diablo game disc or GOG version.
  • Launch diablo-nx.nro
  • Enjoy :)


  • Left Analog : Move Hero
  • B : Attack
  • Y : Open Chest/Talk/Pick Up
  • X : Inventory
  • R : Charactor
  • Right Analog : Simulate Mouse
  • ZR : Left Mouse Click
  • ZL : Drink Heal Potion
  • Minus : Escape to Menu


  • There are lots of bugs.



  • Reverse engineered by GalaXyHaXz in 2018
  • Switch Port by MVG in 2019
  • sanctuary - extensively documenting Diablo's game engine
  • BWAPI Team - providing library API to work with Storm
  • Ladislav Zezula - reversing PKWARE library, further documenting Storm
  • fearedbliss - being awe-inspiring
  • Climax Studios & Sony - secretly helping with their undercover QA :P
  • Blizzard North - wait, this was a typo!
  • Depression - reason to waste four months of my life doing this ;)
  • And a special thanks to all the support and people who work on Devilution to make it possible! <3

by MVG.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.93 beta


  • Fixed attack/pickup/open actions
  • Fixed left/right/up/down movements
  • Fixed inventory and hotspell snap grid
  • Fixed towner chat
  • Plus opens menu, Minus opens automap
  • Changed readme to show Windows and MacOS compilation instructions
  • D-pad emulates joystick
  • Automap moves with right joystick when open
  • Controller buttons now closely mimic PS1 controller setup (please don't let ppl change this again)
  • Added lots of SWITCH definitions to hopefully get it closer to merging with master code

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