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Stargate Easy CFW Install 1.1

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Here is a brief description of what each of the 4 included folders does:

Install CFW:  If you don't already have CFW installed on your 3DS, this is for you. 

  1. Copy the contents of the "Copy to 3DS SD card" folder to your 3DS SD card (sorry if it seems like we're being inteligence-insulting-grade overly-obvious, but we want to be absolutely clear to avoid confusion).  Place the card into the 3DS.
  2.  Make sure the Stargate card is inserted and either switched to DS mode or has no card in it (if  it is emulating a  3DS ROM, that can cause the process to fail).
  3. Position the magnet.  For the O3DS, the location is just below the B button (or on top of, if your magnet is light  enough not to press it down).  For an N3DS/N2DS, the proper location is to the right of the Start and Select buttons (put it right between the two, and move it over just far enough that you can hit the buttons).  As for the O2DS, it has a sleep switch.  Just hold that while you're holding the rest of the buttons.
  4.  While holding the Select, Start, and X buttons, press the power button.  When the light comes on, release everything.  If you did it right, you should see the Install menu.  Select the "Install CFW" option to install CFW, or the "Power Off" option if you were just testing to see if your cart works.
  5. Once the installer completes, it will reboot into Luma.  To verify Luma is running, run the Sound Player.  It should open up the Homebrew Menu.  To configure Luma, on boot, hold select.  For all other options,  hold Down at boot for a quick menu with hotkeys.  

If it didn't work, try repositioning the magnet, as this is the most common cause of failure.  If possible, boot the system normally, and move the magnet around until the system goes into sleep mode.  Commit that location to memory, move the magnet, shut the system down, place the magnet back, and try again.

Setup Configuration:  If you already have CFW setup, there is no need to install it again.  So you can just use this to setup our AIO package.  Just copy the contents of the "Copy to 3DS SD card" folder to the 3DS SD card (again, sorry if I'm being captain obvious here), place the card back  into your 3DS, and turn it on.  The process will start automatically.  Once it is complete, the system will reboot.  See step 5 from the "Install CFW" section.

Cheats for Luma:  Copy the contents of the "Copy to 3DS SD card" folder to your 3DS SD card.  Why are we not including this with the Install/Setup apps?  It's a bunch of small files.  They take a little while to copy over and we did not want to slow down the installation process for those who will not use this feature.

Exit Kids Mode:  We deliberately did not include a way to exit Kids Mode from the menu.  It's not because we can't include some fancy multi-button combo to switch back, but it would only be a matter of time before your kids found out what it is via the Internet.  So, if you need to switch the menu back (say, to backup your SysNAND, copy the contents of the "Copy to 3DS SD Card" folder over.

We would like to thank (in no particular order):

  • d0k3 -- for the incredible GodMode9 tool, and it's incredibly flexible scripting language
  • Wolfvak -- for his many contributions to GodMode9 (never mind the the scene in general)
  • WindowsServer2003 -- for the original branching commands in GM9
  • SciresM -- for B9S and NTRBoothax (aka MagnetHax)
  • Reisyukaku -- for the original ReiNAND
  • AuroraWright -- for Luma3DS
  • TuxSH -- for Firmtool and his contributions to Luma3DS
  • CrimsonMaple -- for Rei-Six
  • bubble2k16 -- for the nice O3DS-optimized emulators we have included for your convenience
  • JourneyOver -- for putting together the very nice cheat collection included (we just batch renamed it to work straight from Luma).
  • LupinIII (aka Kazuma77) -- for creating InScripted (and rewriting the vast majority of it for us).
  • Anyone else we may have forgot to mention (we assure you, it was not intentional, just let us know and we will correct the omission).
  • You -- for choosing Stargate.  We thank you for your support, and we hope you are satisfied with ours.

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