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PPF-o-Matic for Mac 3.0.0

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Mac OS X version of PPF-o-Matic for Windows, by Paradox.

PPF3.0 is a further development of PPF2.0 which is still used to distribute (mainly) Playstation patches. Actually, as I stated in the PPF2.0 readme, I did not want to develop further versions of this tool.


So, to avoid confusion let me explain why I did so:

PPF2.0 is restricted compatible with large files (for example DVD-Images >3GB). Since DVD releases are being spread more and more and since DVD-Burners have become more affordable I thought it is better to develop a new PPF version NOW than not have such a tool when it is needed. Also, I have included several new features which are useful for other platforms than Playstation 1&2.

For now I think DVD images are not interesting for most of the people in the scene but I think this will change in the near future and I also think it will be neccessary to have a running system for patches which covers DVD stuff also.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.0.0   See changelog


As stated above I added some new features to PPF but also i removed some of the old ones, or to be exact one feature had to go. So here is the new feature-list:

  • Image filesize checking is GONE.
    • Over the years it became clear that this feature was simply too inaccurate and confused most of the users with warnings which were mostly incorrect.
  • Image Identification / Blockcheck was enlarged. (+Imagetype)
    • You can either fully DISABLE or ENABLE the blockcheck for a specific patch, plus the blockcheck now supports GI (PrimoDVD) images. GI is the common format used for distributing DVD-Images.
  • Undo data.
    • You can optionally choose to include UNDO data in your patch so the users can undo your patch anytime.
  • Fast
    • Its a hell of alot faster than PPF2.0.
  • Large files support.
    • PPF3.0 supports files up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 Byte. enough ?

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