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Flatmod Config Disc

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FLATMOD introduces the FLATMII SOLDERLESS concept in the Wii videoconsole modding . FLATMOD is compatible with ALL the wii dvd drive chipsets , EPOXY'd and D3/D2nothing included , FLATMOD is even the perfect companion if you are a FLATMII device owner being both 100% compatible inside the same wii, supporting not only BASIC features,FLATMOD offers so advanced features as the SOLDER mods at the market.

Play your Wii/Gamecube backup discs , DVD or DL formats are supported , Multiiso WII/GC and Upgrades
Blocker features makes this new method so effective as the normal ones and avoiding any kind of bricking issues. All them including the region free are enabled or disabled using a config disc .Soldering installation, clip or any software modification is NOT REQUIRED for FLATMOD . Install FLATMOD in only 5 minutes with a few "Plug and Play" steps.Why to be BASIC if you can get theMOST of the resting mods features ?

  • NO solder required
  • NO clip required
  • NO software modification required
  • Plug and Play 2 Minutes installation
  • ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 boards
  • Wii/Gamecube & ISO9660 compatible
  • MultiIsos for Trimmed Isos Compatible
  • DVD and Double Layer media compatible
  • Region free & Antierror 001
  • Geckos,Mplayer and Homebrew Compatible
  • Updates blocker
  • 128k SPI Flash for Upgrades/config storing
  • DVD firmware Upgrades and Config Disc
  • Extra ACTEL Jtag & Spi upgrade hardware if needed


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