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Descargar Exiso-GUI

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It makes easier to extract multiple iso with a queue list and a little FTP browser.
It allow to create a menu with Quickboot faster : you click one button and it creates local copy of xex that works with Quickboot from XEDev Team.

To extract an iso :

- launch Exiso-GUI.exe
- select a destination type (1) (local or FTP) then click on on browse (2) and select a destination folder.
- To add an ISO file 3 possibilities:
- clic on the "Add an ISO" button (3) and select an iso in the browser.
- Drag and drop one or many ISOs files directly in the queue list (4).
- Click on the "Load a folder containing multiple ISOs" button (5) to add all the ISOs from a specific folder

- add each iso file in the same way, then clic on the "Go !" button (6)
- Be patient : the extraction result is displayed in the lower windows (7), it takes about 15 minutes for 7Go. Since you can put the extraction process in pause.
- failed extractions are displayed in red in the queue list (4). A click on it allow to see the extraction error in the extraction logs.

To create a local extraction for quickboot:

Quickboot is not really user friendly when all your games are on the FTP of your xbox. extract-iso GUI allow to create a little folders tree on your local computer that can be used with Quickboot.

- launch Exiso-GUI.exe
- clic on the "FTP" tab. (1)
- Put the right FTP informations in cases then clic on connection. (2)
- Xbox 360 drives must appear (3), then go to the root folder of your games. (for example "/HDD1/games")
- Clic on the "QuickBoot maker" button (4)
- Once the operation is finished, you have a "games" folder on the root of your computer local drive. Launch Quickboot.exe from XeDEV team then clic on the "Scan Local" button and select the "c:\games" folder.

by schmurtz

Novedades de la versión (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • - Update exiso.exe: extract-xISO V2.6.3, now supports ISO Type XGD3 (as amended by Aiyyo, version 2.7 of Somski is strongly discouraged because it
  • suffers from some bugs on the FTP)
  • Simplification of the interface: improving the ergonomics of the interface and some cosmetic issues (tab order, button icons more explicit ...)
  • Double click on an iso image from the list to view the files it contains
  • A single click on an item that already was treated returns to the right place in the extraction of logs
  • Can not copy directories $ SystemUpdate when extracting
  • Possibility to make a pause during extraction
  • The default destination (local or FTP) is now saved
  • Creation of a setup file for those who have problems with missing files (DLL).

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