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Descargar Wiikey 2 Update/Config Combined Disc v1.3

Wiikey 2 Update / Config Disc v1.3 - 'Odyssey' - PAL/USA/JAP REGION

This software is provided as-is, with no warranties of any kind.

If you use this software, you do so at your own risk!

For the latest version, see

Thank you for supporting Wiikey!


1. This firmware is for use with all Wiikey 2 chips.

   For Wiikey legacy (v1) chip updates and config discs, please see

2. v1.3 of Wiikey 2 addresses an issue caused by the addition of a BCA

   to new game titles.

   The fix includes a hardcoded BCA for NSMB game to enable owners of

   this title to play a backup of it using Wiikey 2.

   For more information about BCA, please see


3. Be sure to check that the md5 has of the archive you downloaded matches

   the one posted on the website prior to using this software!

Version History

* v1.3

- Added hardcoded BCA for NSMB game to enable owners of this title
  to play a backup of it using Wiikey 2.

* v1.2

- Fixed bug with update blocker to enable the ability for
  own region updates to be allowed (default) or blocked using
  the config disc

- Fixed bug which stopped automatic region detection from working
  properly if the first game inserted after installation was GC.

* v1.1

- Added update blocker

* v1.0

- Initial release


Burn the .iso to a blank DVD and boot. If the Wiikey 2 does not

already have the latest firmware, you will be prompted to update it.

You must update the Wiikey 2 before you can use this config disc.

Enjoy :-)

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