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  • Actualizado el: Jun 23 2010 15:01
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Descargar PES 2010 Editor v2.1

  PES 2010 Option File Editor [ PC ]

  Tool to editing PES2010 Option File [ OF ].

supported platforms:    
   1. PC

   1. player editing
      - name
      - abilities
      - motions
      - cards
      - face & hair relink
      - boots relink
   2. team editing
      - names
      - team squads (transfers)
      - formations
      - strategies
      - team style
      - supporter, kit and radar colors
      - home stadium
      - chants relink
      - logo relink
   3. exporting and importing
      - Players [ CSV, XML, OF2, .Player files ]
      - Teams [ OF2, .Team files ]
      - Kits settings [ .Kit files ]
      - PES 2009 players (with apperances) and team formation
   4. global adjustment of
      - abilities
      - boots
      - injuries
      - motions
      - cards etc.
   5. stadium & league names editing
   6. Footbal Manager [FM] stats conversion
   7. adding new players into OF
   8. emblem editing

   1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 2.0)    
how to use:
   1. open option file [ PES2010_EDIT.bin ] from Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save\
   2. do the chages
   3. save

hint - if you have problem with FM converter:
   1. enable "Use integer instead float..." option in tab "Settings"
   2. click "Save" button
   3. restart editor

thanks to:
    krejik, seresak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulison, SMcCutcheon, goldorakiller,
    FCH, Inas, seraph, GOAL, -Panos-, Patros46, MxSoniC, arianos10, Blazor, Kenny, gigimarulla,
    idsaturn, Nrby, zioborgo, DeFrenZ, hio, PATe.Arminia ... and anybody which I forgot ;-)
    ... and special thanks to my girlfriend for the patience!

  Please, say thanks if you like or use my work in your patch!

  evo-web:  http://forums.evo-we...ead.php?t=54745


  version 2.1
    * added import of commentary and market price from the OF2
    * player comparison ( player can be compared to the OF2 player, 3 modes included
    * by player's name, ID or OF index # )
    * improved conversion of positions from PSD
    * fixed bug in export from overview window
    * added XML tweak file recorder ( no more boring XML writting in text editor )
    * fixed bug in removing of player from team ( thx GOAL )
    * updating of weight, height and position in multiple FM update are optional
    * full DLC 1.06 + 1.07 support
    * new merge tool with delimiter setting
    * added support for relink of extra faces in dt0f.img file ( define count of extra slots in editor.exe.config )
    * added function remove callnames for all players
    * import emblems from OF2
    * team import from OF2 via context menu ( 4 modes
    * players, formations etc. )
    * added option file configuration ( editor remembers team nationality and type of team
    * national, club etc. )
    * more tooltips
    * more functionality from the context menu ( swap players, adding prefix or suffix to the player names, clear or fill team with free agents )
    * updated callname list ( thx GOAL )
    * updated growt type list ( thx joserruiz )
    * configuration files moved to CFG folder and .CFG extensions were added
    * added simply logger of exceptions
    * global adjustment of growth types
    * global setting of attack/defence awareness based on player's stats
    * added intstaller
    * other minor changes, bugfixing, code clean-up

  version 2.0
    - added support for 1.05 DLC ( new boots, change OF version etc. )
    - added random assign of goal celebrations ( see global adjust tab )
    - improved transfers ( is possible to transfer player into ML hide teams - keep pressed CTRL )
    - hiden skills are supported via CSV import
    - list of player's boots is back
    - quick kit setting for whole team via context menu [ (un)tucked / tight / baggy ]
    - added "Age" and "Sum" filter into global adjust tab ( see new format of element "limits" in "../utils/Example of tweak file/" )
    - added function "autoselect commentary" to the edit player window ( search in commentaries when shirt name changed )
    - added global function "check & assign commentaries"
    - FM stats delimiter is optional in tab "Settings" ( should be compatible with new format of FM Genie Scout file )
    - updated "Paste stats from PSD" function ( hidden stats supported and conversion of dribbling and playmaking stars to the new card system is optional )
    - added tooltips with explanation of abilities and cards to the player edit window ( thx to PSD members )
    - optimalization of the code
  version 1.9
    - added support for hidden skills
    - added support for tight kit
    - added support for emblems ( stored in OF )
    - added support for callnames ( Thx goldorakiller! Hint: You can remove callnames for all players in team by right-click menu )
    - improved OF2 form
    - added auto market price setting button to the edit player window
    - added team export and import via CSV files ( you can adjust teams via excel, set the same formation for all of them etc.  )
    - added new auto-sort bench function to the team window
    - bug-fixing and other small improvements ( goal celebration #80 etc. )
    - fixed face relink ( only if extra faces are used )
  version 1.8
    - added support for 1.3 DLC ( new boots, change OF version etc. )
    - fixed issue with old SWP position ( should be readed as CB now )
    - fixed issue with face relink ( removed hair slot 3832 from combobox )
  version 1.7
    - supported swapping of extra teams
    - maximum of extra teams are supported
    - 0 is supported in global adjusting of team style
    - fixed player's A/D cards setting when importing team + squad via .Team files
    - added auto market price setting ( according to the player's abilities ) into global adjust tab
    - added import of team ID to 'Import [OF2]' tab ( you can easy copy ID of teams from original OF or other patches - thx PATe )
    - added support of extra teams in 'Import [OF2]' tab
    - removed support for face and hair slot 259/3832
    - removed SWP position
    - improved loading of big FM stats exports on low-end computers
    - added filter "current ability" to loading of FM stats exports ( you can select range of players to load, so it's not longer necessary to create more variants of exports like: small, medium etc. )
    - added new merge tool + file with FM2010 heights and weights ( thx stam, Dr.Bernard and ruci )
  version 1.6
    - added market price of player ( also into global adjust ) thx hio
    - improved recognizing of source data from PSD first post ( height etc. )
    - added support for the new faces from patch 1.02
    - improved global renaming of players ( fixed issue with DE :) de for italian players etc.  )
    - improved drag & drop ( keep pressed CTRL if you want to add one player into more teams or clubs [ replace old function KeepPlayersInClub ] )
    - added function to create list of duplicated players
    - fixed bug in global adjust calculation ( operation -% )
    - added A/D level card settings and team style to the import/export function "squad & formation"
    - extra teams have 32 players as defeault
    - improved extra teams functionality ( chants & formations are now editable too )
    - other small improvements
  version 1.5
    - fixed bug in import of league & stadium names from OF2
    - added support for added teams by liberostelios's team manager ( used as club teams )
    - improved copying data from PSD to edit player window ( positions, form etc. )
    - added player export in the format of first post on PSD  forum
    - improved team swapping ( no more ID swapped )
    - improved hair relink ( fixed crashing of default / build face mode in some cases )
    - improved GUI with non default DPI (dots per inch) settings, but still recomended to use default Windows value ( 96 dpi )
    - added possibility to change OF version
    - name & shirtname import from CSV is now optional
    - enabled growth type changing
    - other small improvements
  version 1.4
    - added support for extended teams ( CHL, C01-15, Babilayna & AC Salsabie )
    - added function "Generate players" ( allows you to add more than 1300 players into your OF!! ) thx zioborgo
  version 1.3
    - fixed bug with short names ( you can add short names again by OF2 import )
    - added nationality instead of country name to the edit player window ( because of compatibility with PSD )
    - improved copying data from PSD to edit player window ( nationality, abilities, positions etc. )
    - added import of kit settings from OF2
    - improved and enabled export (import) of players to (from) XML files
  version 1.2
    - added posibility to copy player's data directly from PesStatsDatabase web page or any other source.
      It's done via clipboard so use Ctrl+C to copy source data.
    - added support for global adjustment of Team sliders via XML ( example of file included in "../utils/Example of tweak file/" folder )
    - added support for global adjustment of A/D awareness
    - fixed bug with loading of csv export ( PES2010 version )
    - fixed bug in team name export
    - removed warning after PES09 player import
    - improved transfers
    - improved player export
  version 1.1
    - fixed bug with saving of penalty taker, A/D awareness card and team names
    - fixed bug with team swapp function ( thx Rolando )
    - selectable language of O.F. from settings tab
    - fixed ingame numbers of stadiums (thx qhq )
    - fixed issue with chants & completed chants list ( thx gigimarulla )
    - fixed issue with face relink & completed face list ( thx idsaturn )
    - added global movements of sliders in team settings
    - added global adjustment of team style
    - improved team comparison
    - improved player import from PES6-2009 files (A/D awareness, special skills etc.)
    - added team style to OF2 import from edit team window
    - some GUI changes
  version 1.0
    - first version

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