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Descargar Wii Disc Dumper v1.5.1

Wii disc dumper - v1.5.1 by Zapf Bandit, nitrotux & CaitSith2

This is a Wii-mode disc dumper that dumps to the Wii's front-SD or to a USB2 drive. A SD gecko is not required at all.

First install ios5.wad (obtained from previous version) using a wad manager, or install waninkoko's cios 249.

WARNING: Installing WAD files is dangerous and might permanently brick your Wii. Only do this if you know what you are doing.
I take no responsibility if you brick your Wii.

The "wiidump151" folder should be inside the "apps" directory of the SD card.

Then simply run the boot.dol file and start dumping.

Dump however many parts is required for the Disc type present in drive.  There are not very many DL Wii game discs out there.

With an 8G SDHC card or a >8G USB2 FAT formatted drive you should be able to rip Wii games in one go.

If you are using a smaller cards simply copy all the "*.bin" files to the computer then restart wiidumpsdhc, it should then resume from where it left off.

Important!!! Do not move the "*.info" file off the SD card until all parts are dumped.

When you have all the "*.bin" files and the "*.bat" and "*.sh" file on the computer run either the "*.bat" of "*.sh" file and wait until the joining is complete.
This script will check the validity of the parts and the final "*.iso" file.

Make sure the drive you are going to join the iso is *NOT* FAT or FAT32 (e.g. NTFS) or the join will fail.

A big fuck you to teq, you suck.

PS If any linux script junkies could make a good joining script I would love to be able to add a generated "*.sh" script.

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