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Descargar Game Graphic Studio 7.4.0

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Videotutorial 1: Working in "Deferred Mode"

Videotutorial 2: Obtaining free space from fake kits in PES2008

What's new since version 7.3.0:

- Fixed a bug that appeared when rebuilding afs/img files that include 0-byte length files (pes2008 cv_0.img, for example) ](*,). The rebuilt file was corrupted in these cases. This bug made the "Deferred Mode" option useless for these files, so i'm sorry for the inconveniences it may have caused. Take a look at Videotutorial #1 to see how this mode *works* (at least from now on :mryellow:)
- Fixed the semi-transparency bug related to some textures exported in png format (pes2008 faces, for example).
- Fixed a bug related to multiple-DDS textures that made the turf don't insert properly unless it was the first texture in the bin (just an example).

What's new since version 7.2.0:

- Fixed a few bugs related to memory issues and some multiple texture files   (flags for example). This may have sorted out the "External exception" error that appeared from time to time.

What's new since version 7.1.8:

- Added a "Deferred Mode" option (take a look at the updated Help file, paragraph number 6)
- Added support for PES2008 PS2, PC and X360 versions (including some -incomplete- AFL files)
- Reduction color algorithm has been rewritten (it should be faster and manage alpha channel better now)
- Fixed a bug related to alpha channel in DDS 32bpp textures (for example, boots bump textures)
- Fixed a bug related to 4bpp textures (for example, PSP number files)
- Fixed some bugs more...

This one goes out to my first son Angel, born last wednesday :flower:. Hope Konami can make a decent next-gen game someday so i can play with him in the PS4 or Xbox1080 :mryellow:

What's new since version 7.1.7:

- Fixed the "Modify reserved space" option for PES2008 demo
- Now the editor shows all the files in an afs/img file, even if they are 0-bytes length
- Updated the latest AFL files so they work fine with these settings

What's new since version 7.1.6:

- Fixed the "retro-compatibility" bug
- Fixed a bug related to zlib compression and big files (it made PES2008 faces export bad in PNG format)
- Fixed a bug related to 4bpp textures (it made PES6 PSP numbers import bad)
- Fixed a bug related to PNG files
- Fixed a couple of bugs more
- Added two bigger pencil sizes
- The interlace/swizzle method selected is now saved and selected by default
- Zlib (de)compression should work a little faster

PLEASE READ THE README FILE (even if you already have read it), as it contains very useful information for all of you trying to edit this game.

That's all for now. I just hope this doesn't encourage Konami to encrypt anything in the upcoming final version of the game... [-o< :-$

Let's see who's the first one in discover any new bug, hehe... :lmao: Cheers!

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