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As always with a new version of FreeBoot, SneakyPeanut releases a new version of his tool Easy FreeBoot to add support for the new kernel. This time around it's a completely new application coded from the ground up to make creation of images even simpler.

This new application goes by the name Exploit 360 and is a creation tool for both images for JTAGed Xbox 360s AND consoles exploited using the new Reset Glitch by GliGli. This program was designed to be as simple to use as possible but still have advanced features, such as the built in SMC configuration editor.

Please note that this is Easy FreeBoot's successor and all future support and updates will go to Exploit 360.

Novedades de la versión (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • *minor gui tweaks
  • *fixed multiple saving of images
  • *nandpro fix - If read error it will continue until 2 matching images are made
  • *single instants
  • *xp path problem / win 7 copy error
  • *xellous build
  • *form back crash to console info
  • *fixed cpukey saving feature
  • *fixed missing icons
  • *included some more exploit method images
  • *fixed next button on glitch mod
  • *stoped trinity xellous crash (should probs put a message in there telling you you're a derp for trying)
  • *updated glich mod files, includes support for falcons
  • *fixed multi builds
  • Added:
  • auto updater
  • progress bar for loading
  • ability to have temps in 'F

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