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Descargar DIOS MIOS Lite 2.10

Dios-Mios Lite - PoC by crediar

DML is a tool which allows you to run Gamecube games from the front-SD
interface on a Wii.

This will be the last version since as I mentioned already I have no time
to work on such things anymore.

SNEEK+DI - Installation
1. Download MIOSv10 from NUS and decrypt it
2. Use FixELF to create the patched MIOS file:
   FixELF DML.elf
3. Assure that BC is installed to your virtual NAND
4. Navigate to the BC folder on your NAND
5. Replace the file with the just created patched MIOS file

Note: "" is the name of BC when BCv6 is installed, if using
   a different version just replace the larger file!

6. Simply pick the Gamecube game from the SNEEK-Menu list and start it
   via the Disc-Channel.

Other - Installation
UNEEK+DI: unsupported
RealNAND: untested

Simply get a clean BC wad from NUS and install it.

General Info

DML requires SNEEK r157 or higher.
SNEEK r168 is required for audio streaming games to work correctly.

A Wii or GC game disc is required for DML to work.

DML outputs some log info via USBGecko and also some parts to /dml.log.

DML uses a cache system for the patches. After the first launch of a game
all further launches will be much faster.


Q: What about a version that uses USB?

A: That's sadly not possible due a hardware limitation.
   Same reason why DIOS-MIOS was discontinued!

Q: Where is the source?

A: There won't be any source code, sven gave me a license free version
   of his SD/SDHC code.

Q: What about those games that are not working, will they ever work?

A: As this is the 'final' version the answer is they won't.

Q: My Wii suddenly switched itself off?!

A: When a fatal error occurs a debug message is sent via USBGecko and
   DML shuts the Wii down.

Game Compatibility

Generally most games work, audio streaming games 'work' but do not play
the audio played via audio streaming.

Also some games that use custom .dol loaders don't work.


SD/SDHC code by sven
FATLib by ChaN

Novedades de la versión 2.10 (Ver lista de cambios completa)

  • Fixed a bug in the pattern detection code (DVDLowReadDiskID)

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