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SSNC Checker Script

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Small batch script to refine the database of patched or unpatched consoles.

To quickly check the information of this database by entering one or more serial numbers (this script is also integrated into my Ultimate Switch Hack Script but I have adapted it here so that it can run on its own and not have to download my huge script to only do a serial number check).

1007900 and lower: Not patched.
Between 1007900 and 1008200: Maybe patched.
1008200 and above: Patched.
4001200 and lower: Not patched.
Between 4001200 and 4003000: Maybe patched.
4003000 and above: Patched.
7001790 and lower: Not patched.
Between 7001790 and 7003000: Maybe patched.
7003000 and above: Patched.
All consoles seem to be patched.
1002100 and lower: Not patched.
Between 1002100 and 1003000: Maybe patched.
1003000 and above: Patched.
4004700 and lower: Not patched.
Between 4004700 and 4006000: Maybe patched.
4006000 and above: Patched.
7004100 and lower: Not patched.
Between 7004100 and 7005000: Maybe patched.
7005000 and above: Patched.


by Shadow256.

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