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GBAATM-Rebirth (GBA Auto Trainer Maker) 0.0.1 Alpha 2

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Basically is a generator or patcher of GBA roms that add a trainer at rom start to enable the cheats. Also add slow motion support and some button combination to reboot the rom and renable cheats.

This is possible because the tool scan the rom to find hooks or memory address unused where inject the new assembly code and generating a new rom file.

Also, the tool support 2+1 cheatcodes type: raw, codebreaker and gameshark (this one is not enabled in some builds).
From a developer point of view the tool is an Ui where the users set various things like the cheats or the background image, cheatcodes converter and generate a new rom.

GBAATM-Rebirth (GBA Auto Trainer Maker) - Preview.jpg


The tool is not yet finished but right now can add the trainer and the rom generated is 1:1 with the same data of the original Windows version.

I chose to start a new thread because I consider the project as working and official and not just experimenting.

Right now before to consider it complete I need to improve the code quality, some bugfixes from the migration of this old codebase and evaluate new features.

There is also the feature of the slow motion that is not working yet. I was thinking if drop that feature now because all the emulators now support it and probably on a real GBA this is not required anymore.
Anyway when everything will be done I will build a version also for Windows (I have to see for Mac OSX) but I will keep posting updates.


  • To Cracker for sharing the original source code.
  • Also thanks to this project I can study how works C++, knows more assembly and how compiled languages are very a mess (if you have no patience).

by Mte90.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.0.1 Alpha 2


  • Fix for #9, require testing

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