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libtesla 1.3.0

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libtesla is the interface between the Tesla overlay loader and user-made Overlays. It handles all layer creation, UI creation, drawing and input management. It's main goal is to make sure all overlays look and feel similar and don't differenciate themselves from the switch's native overlays.

Please Note: While it is possible to create overlays without libtesla, it's highly recommended to not do so. libtesla handles showing and hiding of overlays, button combo detection, layer creation and a lot more. Not using it will lead to an inconsistent user experience when using multiple different overlays ultimately making it worse for the end user. If something's missing, please consider opening a PR here.


by WerWolv.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.3.0



  • Added full touch support
  • Added Trackbars
  • Rewrote scrolling in lists. This means scroll animations!
  • Completely fixed all rendering artifacts and slowdowns in 3D games
  • Fixed crashes when adding items to a list and clearing it after it has been created already
  • Added functions to change OverlayFrame title and subtitle
  • Added HeaderOverlayFrame that allows for custom drawn headers above the usual content
  • Fixed joy stick input only working properly in handheld mode
  • Make all draw functions take int32s now
  • Lots of style fixes and fancy pants things by @HookedBehemoth
    • Holding down directional button to scroll in lists
    • Trackbar improvements
    • ListItem text scrolling and truncation if it's too long
  • libtesla now uses raw fs calls instead of stdio which reduces file size by a lot by @HookedBehemoth
  • Lots of fixes and internal improvements by @diwo


  • Removed the makefile as it's no longer necessary now
  • Fixed initServices, exitServices and handleInputs never got called
  • Use default values for list item heights if the element is of a known type

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