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libnx 4.1.0

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Nintendo Switch AArch64-only userland library.

Based on libctru.

by switchbrew.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.1.0



  • Removed old virtmem API.
  • Added mechanism for overriding libnx's dynamic memory allocation behavior.
    • This also added specific mechanisms for NV and BSD transfer memory handling.
  • Added hosversionIsAtmosphere, together with support for receiving this information through HBABI.
  • Added tipc (Tiny IPC) serialization support, introduced in [12.0.0+].
    • Updated sm, sm:m and pgl wrappers for tipc support.
  • Fixed certain serialization bug in cmif handling code.
  • argv setup code can now be overriden.
  • virtmem RNG algorithm can now be overriden.
  • Added support for incremental CRC calculations.


  • Added fsOpenHostFileSystem(WithOption).


  • Added HidKeyboardKey enum.
  • Added hidKeyboardStateGetKey helper function.
  • Added support for SleepButton AutoPilot in hiddbg.
  • Updated hdls service wrapper for [12.0.0+].
  • Corrected HidGestureAttribute, HidGestureState.
  • Corrected several swkbd enums and structs.
  • Minor Palma documentation improvements.

other services

  • Updated btdrv service wrapper for [12.0.0+], along with fixes and improved support.
  • Added audctl service wrapper.
  • Added audrec service wrapper.
  • Added avm service wrapper.
  • Added friends service wrapper (minimal functionality needed for retrieving the user's friend code).
  • Added htcs service wrapper.
  • Added mm:u service wrapper.
  • Added new nvioctlChannel_* wrappers: Submit, GetSyncpt, GetModuleClockRate, MapCommandBuffer, UnmapCommandBuffer.
  • Added SetSysProductModel enum, now used by setsysGetProductModel.
  • Added audrvVoiceIsPaused.
  • Updated BtmDeviceCondition struct, including compatibility with all system versions.
  • Corrected pscmGetPmModule prototype.
  • Renamed ChargerType to PsmChargerType, corrected enum names.
  • Fixed bug in time offset handling.
  • Fixed bug in BSD (sockets) initialization.

Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.

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