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sys-screenuploader 0.0.10

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Homebrew Nintendo Switch NSP sysmodule for automatic upload of screen captures to remote server.


Download latest release and extract it to SD card root.

SX OS users: move 42000062616B6101 directory from /atmosphere/contents to /sxos/titles

Signup on this website, create a destination and put its ID (visible on the destination list page) to /config/sys-screenuploader/config.ini

For logs see /config/sys-screenuploader/screenuploader.log

If your album path was detected incorrectly (visible in logs), uncomment album_path option in config file and change its value to correct one



This is my first nx homebrew app, a template project by vbe0201 was used (and extended to support sysmodule building).

Initial sysmodule code was taken from SunTheCourier's SwitchPresence-Rewritten.

by bakatrouble.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.0.10



  • Logging was remade completely: added an option to clear logs on launch; format was changed; log file is now readable even while the sysmodule is running (mostly)
  • https://screenuploader.baktrouble.me now supports placeholders for captions: {date}, {time} and {title}


  • Now it's possible to add captions to your uploaded media (if you're using my service) or pass individual arbitrary url parameters for requests to your own server.
  • Also fixed logging messages a bit.


  • Added option to disable uploading of certain media types globally and on per-app basis
  • Sysmodule version is now logged at start


  • Destinations are now configurable on per-application basis
  • Album directory detection was also improved (thanks @HookedBehemoth)
  • Default configuration is now usable and uploads to the #default-destination channel on this project's Discord server


  • Old media are not reuploaded when the newest one is deleted


  • Fix frequent segfaults when the file we try opening is still opened by another process

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