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Doom64EX 0.2.0

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Doom64EX port for Nintendo Switch by fgsfdsfgs.

Changelog 0.2.0:

  •  Fixed joystick code ported from svkaiser / Doom64EX / rom version.
  • -ebuilt with the latest version of libnx (support 9.0).

 Some notes:

  • The number of frames per second is limited to 60 FPS by default. If you want the profiles to be closer to what you would have on Nintendo 64, go to Options -> Setup -> Framerate to Capped.
  • Sometimes the music jumps a bit and the channels get out of sync for a moment, this is more obvious in the introduction.
  • If the SD card is formatted in exFAT, it would be better to leave the game using the option "Quit the game" menu.
  • Tested only on the American Z64 v1.1 ROM

Installing Domm64EX:

  • Take your Rom Doom64
  • Extract the wadgen folder from doom64ex_nx_v010.zip somewhere on your PC.
  • Run it wadgen / WadGen.exe and point it to your Doom 64 ROM. This should generate the 2 files DOOM64.WAD and DOOMSND.SF2.
  • Extract the file doom64ex_nx_v010.zip at the root of your SD card.
  • Copy DOOM64.WAD and DOOMSND.SF2 to / switch / doom64ex / from the SD card.
  • Now you can enjoy via the hbmenu.

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