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kEx 1.0.0

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A full-system filebrowser for the Nintendo Switch, written in C++.


Copy the .nro to your Switch folder and load through the homebrew menu.

Use the A button to enter a partition/directory, B button to go back, and + to exit.

Press X to copy a file, and Y to paste the file either to the SD card, or the same partition (does not currently work across system partitions). There is currently no indicator during a copy, only after, so give large files some time to copy.

Press - to delete a file (press the A button to confirm deletion, any other button to cancel).

NOTE: This can be dangerous, use at your own risk!


*Majorly refactor codebase
*Add the ability to view files (hex editor?)
*Add other major filebrowser utilities
*Add support for more partition types


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license.

I am not liable for anything that may happen to your console through the use of this software.

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