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Descargar Creation Master 16 (FIFA 16) 1.0

GUI based Editor for FIFA 16

A FIFA Master project

WARNING! – Editing FIFA 16 could damage your installation of FIFA 16. It is strongly recommended that you make back-up of your FIFA 16 files before to start editing.

What’s new


The National Team cannot be selected from the Country Page but you can do it from the Team Page. In this way you can mark as a National Team both a male and a female team. In the Country Page it is shown the male National Team only.

Team – Formation

Each team must have its own formation. A team cannot use a generic formation.

When a new team is created the current team is used for presenting some data and, if the players are created, a roster with “similar players” is generated. Where similar player means a player with same age, role and nationality but a different look.

CM 16 support some of the automated features of the RevMod patch. For Teams it is possible to do the following:
  • Set the Adboard used for the team (if not specified for the tournament)
  • Set the ball used by the team (if not specified for the tournament)
  • Set the scarf used by supporters
  • Set the goal net when the team plays at home.
  • Set the manager (texture and model)

these features are available in game only if the RevMod patch is installed.


In CM 16 it is possible to set the Gender (male or female) and the “emotion” of the player.

Generic face system is completely different, generic textures cannot be modified. CM16 creates dynamically the face texture combining skin and facial hair for rendering in 3D.

A Fast Hair Selection button allows to quickly choose the hair type.

FIFA 16 supports specific tattoos for players.


Stadiums have only day and night versions (no sunset nor distinction between clear and overcast days).


FIFA 16 supports 9 different types of weather and the probability can be set for each Country.

Competition – Tournament

CM 16 support some of the automated features of the RevMod patch. For Tournaments it is possible to do the following:
  • Set the Adboard used for the team tournament
  • Set the ball used by the team tournament

These features are available in game only if the RevMod patch is installed.


CM 16 support some of the automated features of the RevMod patch. For Kits it is possible to do the following:
  • Set a specific kit for a tournament

These features are available in game only if the RevMod patch is installed.


Can be specified the audio.

Database Expansion

For CM 16 the expansion of the database allows to have up to 2048 formations (instead of 1000) and up to 65536 player names (instead of 32000).

FAQs and Notes

When using Open – FIFA 1X the program crashes or it appears the message “fifa.fat not found”

Probably you do not have a regular installation of FIFA , try using Open – Select All

Can CM16 open XBOX files ?

CM 16 is for editing PC version, XBOX is not supported.

When using CM16 I cannot see players or team previously modified with FIFA 16 internal editor. Why?

Editing with CM 16 and in-game editing are incompatible. This is not a bug, it is the way FIFA 16 works. When you start to edit with CM16 you should remove squad files from the folder Document\FIFA 16. You can make in-game editing on a version of FIFA modified with CM16 but, if you use CM16 again, you are going to lose all your in-game editing.

Can I import files from previous FIFA versions, like head models or textures ?

Some Rx3 files have a different format like for example head models and cannot be reused. Other like for example kit textures are different but still compatible.

I change the order of the bench players and save but, when I reopen, the order is not saved.

In the database all the bench players have the same description, there is no way to discriminate the order in the bench.

Some boots and some balls do not have a name but appear as a generic Shoes n. X or Ball n. Y.

Those are shoes (or balls) present in the game but not described by a string in the language database. You can add it.

Why can I only work with the default squads and not the updated ones?

CM modifies the default database of FIFA so every time you create your own squad file or download a squad update from EA, the game will use it instead of the default database and you cannot see your changes in game.

More: every time you modify the default database all the files created with a previous database become unusable and the game ask you if you want to delete

Which files I need to backup for my edited data to remain?

CM16 works with the files in these folders:





Creation Master 16 (CM16) is freeware and is provided ‘as-is’, without any expressed or implied warranty. In no event will the author(s) be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


Special thanks to Malloc84 for finding the EASF decryption algorithm, gregkwaste for providing the LZMA decompression program and to Scouser09 for developing the RevMod patch that, this year, is supported by CM16.


Release 16.0

Bugs fixed:

A player skill set to 99 could not be displayed without the numeric value.

Skill Moves range changed to 1-5 (instead of 0-4) so it fits the number of stars.

Added the check for selecting “women shoes”

Fixed a bug that removed from the database the colors of generic shoes.

Fixed a bug that removed the Shop Package from shoes, this caused a crash, for example, when creating a player. The shoes that are in a Shop Package can be used for in game editing only if the package is purchased.

Fixed a bug, introduced in Beta 3, causing CM crash when loading the face texture of a newly created player.

Importing face technique from FIFA 15 was set back to Beta 2 method that has a better success rate compared to Beta 3 method (eyes positioning problem is fixed).

New Features:

Allowed the possibility to create GK Home, Away and Third kits as well as Training Home\Away kits. This feature requires RevMod

Beta 3

Bugs fixed:

The Country of some the teams that play in a League with a different Country (e.g. Canada, Wales, ..) is now preserved.

Corrected the overall computation formula.

The RevMod patch includes now the Arena kits (they were missed in previous installation)

Eyes of 3D Head model imported from FIFA 15 models are now positioned properly.

Added the stadium preview picture for overcast and sunset.

Face textures Normal Map are shown when present and can be replaced. Normal map is saved on R and G channel, blue and alpha channels are set to 255.

Resolved a bug, in competition editing, that caused the entry “ClearLeagueStats” to appear more than one time for the same league.

Avoid to open Big and Bh files with length equal to zero.

Visualization of generic or specific head is consistent with the value of the check “Has Generic Face”

Known Problems:

Cloned Stadiums present day light even when playing at night time.

It may happen that with a modified database you cannot play online. It is strongly recommended to backup the modded database and restore the original database if you want to play online. Be aware that, any change that you do the database is not actually available when playing online, even if you are using a modded database. In fact the game uses data from a downloaded database and the local database in your PC is used only as a reference for validating the structure of the downloaded database but not for using its data.

Importing heads from FIFA 15 can produce heads that, in game, look bad even if the preview in CM16 is good.

Bitmap two of face textures imported from FIFA 15 (black and white) should be manually replaced with a similar bitmap got from a FIFA 16 face (blue, yellow and white).

New Features:

Kit Link from Team Page: from the Team Page it is now possible to jump quickly to the kits.

Beta 2

Bugs fixed:

Crash while opening Premier League in tournament tab due to the money prize value.

Crash while importing hair textures.

Installation package modified in order to allow writing to the CM 16 installation folders.

The competition file subfolders (FIFA 16\dlc\…) are automatically created if they do not exist.

Settings fields “match_celebrationlevel” and “match_canusefancards”in the file settings.txt are now managed.

When you try to remove team, it appears a dialogue asking if you want to remove players, if you click cancel neither team nor the players are removed (in Beta 1 the team was removed anyway)

Updated the player Overall computation formula (according to fifaccittiu values)

Generic formations in CMP created with FIFA 15 are now converted into specific formation for a team. (FIFA 16 does not allow the usage of generic formations for a team)

Female hair model was not selected correctly when the player is loaded.

Cloned stadiums crashed in game. This was due to an error in the cloned glares files.

New Features:

BH Regeneration: Now the BH regeneration can be executed also when the database is not loaded. If you launch the regeneration before to load any database, CM asks you to specify the FIFA root folder. If you launch the regeneration after you had open a database and then closed it, CM will regenerate the latest folder.

This feature will allow to recover situations in which the BH files are corrupted.

Player Skills Randomization: physical skills (acceleration, sprint, stamina, strength) have been allowed to achieve higher values also for players with low technical skills. Potential depends more from the age and the current overall, if the player is young the difference between his overall and his potential can be higher.

Player Transfer\Loan: added a control for setting the transfer date to be used when a player is transferred or loaned. Added the buttons for Loaning a player, the loan end date is set by default one year after the transfer date but can be changed in the Player Page.

Player Heads: 3D models can now be imported from FIFA 15, both in Player Page and from CMP patch.

by Rinaldo.

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