Hoy se ha publicado la versión 1.08 de xeBuild, aplicación que nos permite crear una imagen de na NAND para los hacks Reset Glitch y JTAG de Xbox 360, así como devolverla a la versión retail.

La lista de cambios es bastante importante, pero destaca la compatibilidad con el último dashboard de la consola de Microsoft.


  • align patch slots properly on glitch images
  • add ability to make zero-paired dual cb images (retail/glitch)
  • unknown devkit smcs were not being checked properly and always reported hacked
  • added support for ‘blmod.bin’ per-build file, can assist fine tuning glitch machines that don’t play well with standard patches
  • added CPU key corruption checks
  • added a secondary check on nanddump.bin size after determining big block/small block
  • added new build target, glitch2m, which uses mfg cba to boot with virtual fuses (only trinity/corona, 16203+)
  • added nolan addon patch for 16197+ for those with bad wired lan phy getting E75/76/77; should not affect wireless dongles
  • consolidate internal memory unit disable patches into nointmu addon, Corona 4G internal memory can now be disabled (16197+)
  • added integrity checks for: blocks that appear to be remapped but are outside the remap area; CF slot size
  • updated all patch sets to use hv built in memcpy (better peek support for things that require 64bit reads like 1bl ROM)
  • check for SU container in version\$SystemUpdate subfolder as well as version folder
  • nonces will attempt to be kept when providing NANDdump.bin (some claim this affects glitch boot times, makes differential flashing more effective)
  • Xstress.settings has been renamed to Manufacturing.data
  • update jtag freeboot core to V0.9 to use options stored in flash header instead of patched directly into the binary
  • added update and client mode
  • -d options no longer need to be relative to the exe launch path
  • checks keyvault signature (if present) when MAST_pub.bin is available from update server or file in .\ or .\common\
  • checks CB/CBA signature when 1BL_pub.bin is available from update server or file in .\ or .\common\
  • updated xell builds to XeLL_Reloaded-2stages-v0.993
  • add 16537

Descarga: xeBuild.