Cancerous, [cOz], Ced2911,GliGli, RedLine99 y Tuxuser han publicado la versión 0.993 de su XeLL-Reloaded, cuando desde febrero de 2012 no actualizaban la aplicación.

Recordemos se trata de un cargador que permite ejecutar Linux en Xbox 360 en consolas con JTAG o Reset Glitch Hack, basado en LibXenon.


  • Corona video support ! (NTSC gives weird black/white screen)
  • eMMC Reading support for Corona consoles (no flashing!) (Not working when launched via XellLaunch)
  • Rawflash verify features
  • Cygnos/DemoN builds included – 38400 UART baudrate
  • Logfile writing to USB or HTTP Webinterface
  • Dumps ANA-Registers to UART / Logfile
  • «Shutdown» and «Reboot» via HTTP Webinterface
  • Option to disable Network via xell config
  • Support for all 3 USB busses (Crashing when USB is plugged out or attached at runtime)
  • Switched from zlib to puff (smaller)
  • Support for mounting 1 USB memory device at runtime
  • Better support for big USB devices (or poorly formatted ones)
  • Disabled USB writes for the logfile (not working with EXT# anyways
  • Fixed the crashing when unplugging USB memories at runtime

Descarga: XeLL-Reloaded.