Hace unos días FIX94 publicó la versión 4.2.1 de WiiFlow, el popular y atractivo lanzador de copias de seguridad y homebrew para Wii, tanto desde tarjetas SD como desde dispositivos USB.


  • Sourceflow, now you can view all sources in a coverflow too
  • Completely reworked default theme by mamule, thanks to him alot for all the work
  • added experimental autoboot function for source menu buttons, just add «autoboot=ID» for channel, wii and gc game buttons or «autoboot=TITLE» for plugin and homebrew buttons. Replace ID/TITLE with the game ID/Title you want to boot when clicking on the button of course.
  • added «allow_b_on_questionmark» to the wiiflow.ini so you can disable the random game bootup when pressing b on the question mark icon
  • added new source menu config menu access it via startup settings menu
  • wiiflow will now slightly fadeout to black after one minute of no activity
  • added Nintendont GC Loader support
  • added custom titles support for plugin roms
  • added 4 nand presets to the nand setting page 2
  • added the vwii widescreen fix by tueidj
  • added quite alot of new options to wiiflow to set various things
  • fixed ALOT of bugs which prevented games from booting, letting wiiflow crash etc

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