Se ha publicado la versión 3.3.0 de Universal Media Server, un proyecto que nació a partir del conocido PS3 Media Server, con algunos integrantes de ese equipo y otros nuevos, aportando otro enfoque y creyendo que se puede llegar más allá de lo que hacían con PMS.

El fin es el mismo, ser un servidor multimedia de contenidos para infinidad de dispositivos.


  • General:
    • Added the option to toggle the display of the profile name after the server name on the renderer
    • Added a warning on the Status tab if the UMS port is being blocked
    • Added some missing entries to UMS.conf
    • Added automatic video scaling to renderer resolution limits in FFmpeg
    • Added the ability to use asterisks for the “Force transcoding” and “Skip transcoding” options
    • Added config option “itunes_library_path”
    • Improved detection of which videos should be muxed automatically when using MEncoder or FFmpeg
    • Fixed files with compatible video but incompatible audio not muxing video
    • Fixed support for outputting 24-bit FLAC files as 24-bit by muxing them with video
    • Fixed audio playback if VLC is enabled
    • Made server restarts more reliable
    • Made sure FFmpeg outputs a compatible colorspace when transcoding to H.264
    • Made sure the transcode folder appears before files instead of after (below)
    • Renamed config setting “ffmpeg_font_config” to “ffmpeg_fontconfig”
    • Renamed config setting “hide_new_media” to “hide_new_media_folder”
  • Renderers:
    • Improved video compatibility on Panasonic TVs
    • Updated the PS3 image
    • Updated the XBMC logo
  • Languages:
    • Minor language tweaks
    • Renamed “Advanced Monitoring” to “Include in New Media folder”