Andreas Oman ha publicado la versión 4.4 estable de Showtime Media Center, el veterano y completo reproductor multimedia para Playstation 3 (también disponible para otras plataformas).


  • PS3 specific changes
    • NTFS support. Both Read and Write (Finally!)
    • Ability to turn off system when video playback is completed
    • Use X button for Play/Pause
  • General new features
    • Built-in FTP Server
    • Automatic code page detection. Showtime will guess the code page used for SRT files, etc based on language heuristics.
    • FTP client support (Stream content directly from FTP servers)
    • Ability to delete file and folders where applicable
    • Custom background (via plugin)
    • .sub (Microdvd) support
    • Much improved support for loading subtitles from different locations
    • Ability to activate/devative automatic metadata lookup per-folder
    • Mark all items in folder seen/unseen
    • On Screen Keyboard on systems other than PS3
    • Subtitle position can be configured per movie