Twinaphex ha publicado la versión 1.0.0 de la adaptación para Playstation 3 de RetroArchemulador multisistema capaz de cargar roms de capaz de cargar roms de FBA, SNES9x Next, VBA Next, FCEUmm, Gambatte, Genesis Plus GX y prBoom.

Obviamente, para su ejecución es necesario tener instalado un Custom Firmware en nuestra Playstation 3.


  • VBA Next performance improvements – all games should now play at fullspeed more or
  • less (even games like Final Fantasy 5/6)
  • Revised menu – should now have the same functionality as all other RetroArch
  • versions
  • New ‘Detect Core’ function – you no longer have to switch a core and then select
  • a ROM – with this mode you can select a ROM and RetroArch will look at the file
  • extension and start the core associated to it. If there are multiple cores that support
  • this file extension, then it will give you a list of supported cores and you can select
  • which one you want to use.
  • Much improved OpenGL driver – the PS3 version of RetroArch should now have the
  • lowest input/video latency out of all RetroArch versions (with the exception of
  • maybe KMS/libdrm on Linux).
  • Comes with MAME 2003 now. Mortal Kombat 1/2/3/Ultimate should all play at fullspeed
  • with the DCS Hack enabled.
  • Many more changes…

Descarga: RetroArch PS3.